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These Irons R Famous These Irons Are Hot

Congress Champion, Congress & NSBA Champion Sire
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2016 AQHA Bay Colt
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InvitatioN To Fame

Open ROM Performance; Congress 2X Top 5
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Eligible for all Futurities and Programs
AQHA IF | NSBA SIF | NSBA BCF Breeders Program | Southern Belle Breeders Program | Tom Powers Breeders Program |
KyQHA BIF Breeders Program

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Owner: Seaside Farm, LP


Seaside Farm, LP
Plano, Texas
Adria Smith
214-532-3379 mobile


Gumz Farms, LLC
Morganfield, Kentucky
Amy Gumz
219-689-1895 mobile
270-389-0887 office